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Welcome to Our Archive

This was the old website. You can look around while we’re still moving our material to the new website, but please realize that Web technologies change, and some of our archive stuff is obsolete and will no longer work.

Therefore, we have designed our new website to be friendlier to future Web changes, and hopefully everything can be adapted and find a proper home eventually. If you have any comments, just let our webmaster know!

Spreading the Soul-Saving Message

The Gospel of Christ (TGOC) is a 16-year-old evangelistic effort overseen by the elders of the McLish Avenue church of Christ in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The work is fully supported nationwide by both congregations and individual members of the churches of Christ. TGOC’s goal is to take the whole gospel to the whole world. It is not just our motto – it is our mission!

In a world where many have compromised the truth and are preaching Peace, peace! When there is no peace. (Jer. 6:14), our program seeks to teach and preach the whole counsel of God – regardless of the consequence or reaction (Acts 20:27; Gal. 4:16). TGOC uses a variety of ways to spread the soul-saving message of Jesus around the globe:

  1. First, we spread the gospel through TV. Currently, our 30-minute programs are on a variety of different stations worldwide (including Dish Network which covers over 14,200,000 households alone)!
  2. Second, we spread the gospel here online. Our website receives multiple millions of page requests per year – and that number continues to grow. (In 2012, every country in the world visited our website!) One big way our website works for the kingdom is offering everyone to download our programs – always for free – in video, audio, and transcript formats. Also, we have materials in Spanish and offer a free electronic newsletter which you can sign up to receive.
  3. Third, we spread the gospel through free DVDs and CDs. That is right, free. We are peculiar in that we do not charge for any of our material. (We even pay S&H in the U.S.) We distribute tens of thousands of pieces of our free media each year worldwide.
  4. Last, we spread the gospel by personal evangelism, answering letters and phone calls, but also engaging in including tent meetings, gospel meetings, and public debates.

With our plans for expansion including new material, new workshops, and a new website on which to host all this and more, we’re excited about 2013!

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