STUDY QUESTIONS FOR “the suffering of job”

   1. What is one of the best books in the Bible to read in order to understand suffering?

  2. In Job 1:1, how does the Bible God describe the man by the name of Job?

  3. What, according to Job 1:6-12, did Satan suggest was the only reason for Job’s faithfulness to God?

  4. How did God prove to Satan that his accusation was unfounded and false?

  5. According to Job 1:13-19, what happened to Job, to his flocks, to his servants, and to his family?

  6. What statements did Job make in Job 1:20-22 which showed that although he was suf­fering, he nevertheless was determined to remain faithful to God?

  7. When Job did not “buckle” under the weight of the losses that he had suffered in Job 1:13-19, what, according to Job 2:1-10, did Satan ask to be able to do to Job in order to “step up the pace” of Job’s suffering?

  8. What did Job’s wife suggest that Job needed to do in the face of all the suffering and calamity that she and her husband were enduring?

  9. What response did Job make to his wife’s suggestion?

10. According to Job 13:15, what was Job’s attitude toward the suffering that he was hav­ing to endure?

11. In this lesson, the following statements are made: “We may not always understand why bad things happen in life that cause us great pain, or why certain atrocities occur. But we can know in Whom we should trust during such times.” Explain the full meaning of those comments.

12. What did God promise His people in Romans 8:28?

13. What does Proverbs 3:5-6 admonish us to do?

14. Explain Paul’s statement in Acts 14:22 (“We must, through many tribulations, enter the kingdom of God”).

15. What did James mean when he said in James 5:11, “Indeed we count them blessed who endure”?

16. What did James urge Christians to do in regard to suffering (James 1:2-4)?

17. Explain the meaning of Psalm 119:67 and Psalm 119:71, being sure to discuss the con­nection between the teaching found within the two verses.

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